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    Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) can free you from managing cluster nodes. However, to properly allocate resources and accurately calculate fees, you need to specify resource specifications for a pod when deploying a workload. Based on the specified specifications, Tencent Cloud allocates resources to the workload and calculates the fees accordingly.

    When creating a workload for EKS through the Kubernetes API or kubectl, you also need to specify the resource specifications. For more information, see Workload Management.

    • The resource specification indicates the maximum amount of resources available for the containers in a pod.
    • The total amount of resources specified by Request for all the containers in a pod cannot exceed the corresponding resource specification of the pod.
    • The amount of resources specified by Limit for any container in a pod cannot exceed the corresponding resource specification of the pod.
    • You must specify the resource specifications for a pod when creating a workload for the pod. Otherwise, the creation fails.

    Supported Regions

    The following table describes the regions, availability zones, and resource types that are currently supported by EKS.

    Region Availability Zone Supported Resource Type
    South China (Guangzhou)
    Guangzhou Zone 3
    East China (Shanghai)
    Shanghai Zone 2
    Shanghai Zone 3
    North China (Beijing)
    Beijing Zone 3

    CPU Specifications

    EKS provides the following CPU specifications for pods in all regions where CPU resources are supported. EKS also provides a set of CPU options. Different CPU sizes correspond to different memory ranges. When creating a workload, you should specify the CPU specification based on your actual need.

    CPU (Core) Memory Range (GiB) Granularity of Memory Range (GiB)
    0.25 0.5, 1, 2 -
    0.5 1, 2, 3, 4 -
    1 2 - 8 1
    2 4 - 16 1
    4 8 - 32 1
    8 16 - 32 1
    12 24 - 48 1
    16 32 - 64 1

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