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CLS Add-on Version Description

Last updated: 2022-05-09 11:40:28

    CLS Add-ons Overview

    The CLS add-ons are deployed by CLS on each standard node in your cluster when you enable CLS in TKE. It is used to collect application logs generated by TKE and write them to consumers in Tencent Cloud, including CLS and Kafka.

    The CLS add-ons are as follows:

    Name Resource Type Description
    tke-log-agent DeamonSet Each log-agent Pod contains a controller container and a loglistener sidecar container, which are responsible for collecting logs generated by all containers on the node.
    cls-provisioner Deployment There is one instance per cluster, responsible for converting the CRD configuration into a collection configuration comprehensible by the loglistener to communicate with CLS.
    logconfigs.cls.cloud.tencent.com CRD -

    log-agent Release Notes


    Category Content
    Feature -
    Bugfix Fixed the issue where an empty topic ID caused the logconfig to be deleted and recreated during topic replacement, and kept the topic name unchanged before and after the replacement.


    Category Content
  • Blocked the collection of loglistener logs under kube-system by default.
  • Modified the index creation policy, so that the default index was created only when a topic was automatically created, and the topic index was not modified in other scenarios.
  • Supported the Kafka collector to add metadata information to messages.
  • Supported the following parsing modes in the Kafka collector: full text in a single line, JSON, and full text in multiple lines.
  • Bugfix
  • Fixed the issue where the container couldn't be specified when collecting the standard output in the workload scenario.
  • Added the docker client to get Storage Driver, so that if there was no configuration file, the `info` information could be obtained through the client to get Storage Driver.
  • Fixed the error of the specified metadatalabel when collecting container files.
  • Fixed the scheme to get the kubelet root directory.
  • Fixed the collection configuration match error caused by the incorrectly set prefix of the old collection configuration to be deleted.
  • Fixed the issue where the `timestampKey` timestamp set for messages in the current Kafka collector was invalid.
  • v1.0.7

    Category Content
  • Supported creating key-value indexes during topic creation by cls-provisioner, including index name, type, word segmentation, and statistics collection status switch; if not supported, the `pod_name,namespace,container_name` index would be enabled by default.
  • Supported specifying metadatalabels to write the specified Pod labels into metadata collection; if not supported, all Pod labels would be collected as metadata.
  • Supported customizing the CLS TencentCloud API service backend address.
  • Bugfix -


    Category Content
    Feature Supported modifying the kubelet root directory and docker root directory in log-agent.
    Bugfix -


    Category Content
  • Supported the label != operation (exclude labels) in the log collection configuration.
  • Supported collecting only incremental logs by CLS.
  • Supported selecting multiple namespaces and excluding namespaces in the log collection configuration.
  • Supported configuring Pod labels with the same key but different values in log-agent.
  • Supported configuring loglistener parameters.
  • Bugfix
  • Fixed a known issue with log-agent using configmap as source.
  • Fixed an issue where the collector configuration was empty and caused verification failures under some conditions.
  • Fixed the issue where the collector failed to delete the configuration when deleting the log rule.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with logConfig configuration.
  • v1.0.1

    Category Content
  • Switched the API for cls-provisioner to access CLS to TencentCloud API.
  • Supported TKE log collection and delivery to CKafka (for more information, see Configure Log Collection via the Console).
  • Bugfix -


    Category Content
    Feature -
    Bugfix Fixed the issue where one Pod corresponded to multiple logconfig files.


    Category Content
    Feature -
    Bugfix Fixed the issue where the extraction mode configured on a topic was overwritten in some scenarios.
    #### v0.2.26
    Category Content
    Feature -
    Bugfix Fixed the issue where the metadata couldn't be created in some cases when the collection configuration of the `stdout` type was deleted.


    Category Content
    Feature -
  • Fixed the log-agent panic issue in some cases.
  • Fixed the issue of soft connection deletion caused by workload cache.
  • Fixed the metadata file creation failure.
  • #### v0.2.24
    Category Content
    Feature -
  • Fixed the issue where metadata was accidentally deleted during container restart in a Pod.
  • Supported automatically cleaning up LogAgentRootDir before log-agent start so as to avoid dirty data.
  • Fixed the panic of log-agent caused by extreme scenarios.
  • Fixed the startup failure caused by log-agent's repeated mounting of the `/data` directory.
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