Add-on Overview

Last updated: 2020-11-25 11:49:11

    Add-ons are extended feature packages provided by Tencent Cloud TKE. You can deploy add-ons based on your business requirements. Add-ons can help you manage Kubernetes components in clusters, including component deployment, upgrading, configuration updating, and removal.

    Add-on Types

    There are two types of add-ons: basic add-ons and advanced add-ons.

    Basic add-ons

    Basic add-ons are software packages that TKE features depend on. Such add-ons include the Service-controller and CLB-ingress-controller CLB add-ons, and the tke-cni-agent TKE network add-on.


    • The upgrade and configuration management of basic add-ons are fully managed by TKE. We recommend that you do not modify basic add-ons.
    • When basic add-ons are updated, you will be notified by email and SMS.

    Advanced add-ons

    Advanced add-ons are optional add-ons provided by TKE. You can deploy such add-ons to use advanced features supported by TKE. The following table describes advanced add-ons:

    Add-On Name Application Scenario Add-On Description
    (event persistence add-on)
    Logging This add-on supports the configuration of the event persistence feature for clusters. After this feature is enabled, cluster events will be exported to the configured storage in real time
    (log collection add-on)
    Logging This add-on can send the logs of services in the cluster or those of files on a specific path in the cluster node to a specified Kafka topic or specified log topic of CLS
    (out-of-memory (OOM) guard)
    Monitoring This add-on can reduce the chance of various kernel failures triggered by cgroup memory repossession failures in user mode
    (node exception detection plus)
    Monitoring This add-on can detect various exceptions on nodes in real time and report the detection results to kube-apiserver
    (local DNS cache add-on)
    DNS This add-on runs on cluster nodes as a DaemonSet and as a DNS cache proxy to enhance the DNS performance of clusters
    (DNS horizontal autoscaling add-on)
    DNS This add-on obtains the number of nodes and cores of a cluster through a deployment and then automatically scales the number of DNS replicas according to preset scaling policies
    (Tencent Cloud Object Storage)
    Storage This add-on implements the CSI API to help TKE clusters use Tencent COS
    (Tencent Cloud File Storage)
    Storage This add-on implements the CSI API to help TKE clusters use Tencent CFS
    (TCR add-on)
    Images This add-on automatically configures the private-network resolution of domain names and cluster-specific access credentials of the specified TCR instance. It can be used for private-network and secret-free pulling of container images
    (accelerated distribution of container images)
    Images Based on P2P technology, this add-on can accelerate the pulling of container images of gigabytes by massive TKE clusters. It supports concurrent pulling by thousands of nodes
    (load balancing control framework add-on)
    Network This add-on reduces the difficulty of implementing load balancing on containers and provides high scalability to meet the custom load balancing needs of businesses
    (GPU management add-on)
    Others This add-on provides an all-in-one GPU manager that allows you to use GPU resources in a TKE cluster in a fine-grained manner
    (game load add-on)
    Others This add-on is a self-developed Kubernetes workload controller for TKE that supports container in-place update and maintains shared memory
    (Helm app management add-on)
    Others This add-on can quickly deploy a community software package in a TKE cluster. It enables users to visually create, read, update, and delete Helm Charts in a specified cluster

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