Shared Network Billing

Last updated: 2019-11-28 16:30:06


The bandwidth of shared network is calculated based on the total traffic curve of multiple CVMs under the same account and user is billed by the total bandwidth.

This billing method saves the public network cost by staggering the use of public network bandwidth for multiple CVMs during peak hours. If CVM A and CVM B reach their peak bandwidth of 100 Mbps at 12:00 and 13:00 respectively, the total peak bandwidth is also 100 Mbps, which is used as the basis for billing.

Tencent Cloud offers a shared network service: bandwidth package.

You can apply to activate the shared network by submitting a ticket.

Billing by bandwidth package

Bandwidth package is a monthly billing method for shared network. After bandwidth package is activated, user will be billed by its account CVM's shared bandwidth's monthly peak.

Billing standard

After a ticket is submitted and shared network is activated, CVMs and LBs under your account will be billed automatically by shared bandwidth. You do not need to adjust configurations.

Region Price of Bandwidth in Bandwidth Package
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong (China), Singapore & Silicon Valley 16.97 USD/Mbps
Toronto 16.97 USD/Mbps

When we calculate your bills, (at the end of a calendar month or when users cancel the package), "average daily bandwidth peak" will be calculated as follows:

  1. Calculate the daily bandwidth peak
    You can check the value in the console by entering the Cloud Monitor tab and the Traffic Monitoring page. By default, bandwidth peak value is captured every 5 minutes so a total of 288 values are collected each day. The top four values are taken out and the fifth largest value is recorded as the daily bandwidth peak.
  2. Calculate the average daily bandwidth peak
    Average daily bandwidth peak equals to the mean of the top 5 daily bandwidth peak values during bandwidth package usage.
  3. Calculate the bandwidth package charge
    • If you used the bandwidth for 30 days or above, charge=Average daily bandwidth peak * Unit price.
    • If you used the bandwidth less than 30 days, bandwidth package charge in Step 3 is calculated based on the average daily bandwidth peak calculated in Step 2. Actual charge=Bandwidth package charge * Actual number of usage days/number of days of the month.

Purchase directions

To activate this billing method, please submit a ticket.

Billing description

  • If project-based billing is enabled, system will calculate total bandwidth package fees as described above. The system will calculate the average daily bandwidth peak for each project (as described in Step 2), as well as separate project charges according to their proportions.
  • For a standard account-purchased bandwidth package, CVM bandwidth fee originally prepaid by bandwidth will be returned to the complimentary account according to the number of remaining usage days.