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Adjusting Public Network Billing

Last updated: 2021-12-13 16:02:14

    The monthly subscription mode is currently in beta. Prices published here are for reference only. Refer to your bills for final prices. To use this billing option, please contact sales.

    Adjusting Public Network Bandwidth

    Network Billing ModeCVM Billing ModeAdjust Bandwidth
    Monthly bandwidth subscriptionMonthly subscriptionSupports bandwidth upgrade only, and you have the option to set the changes to take effect immediately or at a specified time.
    Bill-by-trafficMonthly subscriptionBandwidth can be upgraded or downgraded, and the changes take effect immediately. The network fee is calculated based on traffic usage.
    Pay as you go

    Changing Billing Mode

    Network Billing ModeCVM Billing ModeChange Network Billing Mode
    Monthly bandwidth subscriptionMonthly subscriptionNot supported.
    Bill-by-trafficMonthly subscriptionSupports an irreversible change to monthly bandwidth subscription for each CVM.
    Pay as you goNot supported.

    Billing Sample

    The bandwidth unit price is listed in Public Network Billing.


    This sample only calculates the network cost. CVM and other device fees will be settled separately.

    Adjusting the bandwidth

    Upgrading bandwidth for Monthly bandwidth subscription

    Assume you purchased the monthly subscription bandwidth of 2 Mbps for one CVM instance in Beijing region on November 1, 2018. You upgraded the bandwidth from 2 Mbps to 5 Mbps between November 20 and 29, 2018 for a total of 10 days.
    The payable bandwidth fee for the original monthly bandwidth subscription in November will be: bandwidth * unit price = 2Mbps * 2.86 USD/Mbps = 5.72 USD
    Additional fees after upgrading the bandwidth will be: bandwidth difference before and after the upgrade * number of days with upgraded bandwidth/billable days in the month (sum of days in multiple months) = (3.57 USD/Mbps * 3 Mbps + 2.86 USD/Mbps * 2Mbps - 2.86 USD/Mbps * 2Mbps) * 10 days/30 days = 3.57 USD

    Upgrading or downgrading bandwidth for bill-by-traffic

    You can adjust the bandwidth cap for bill-by-traffic CVM instances at no additional cost whenever you need. The public network is billed on the actual traffic.

    Changing public network billing

    Changing from bill-by-traffic to monthly bandwidth subscription

    The traffic fee will be settled hourly at the time of change. To change the billing option, you only need to pay the monthly bandwidth subscription fees.

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