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Last updated: 2019-11-22 18:23:46

    How do I upgrade/degrade the configuration of a CVM?

    Only the instances whose system disk and data disk are both cloud disks support adjusting configuration.

    For more information about how to upgrade/degrade instance configuration, please see Adjusting Instance Configuration.

    For more information about how to adjust bandwidth/network configuration, please see Adjusting Network Configuration.

    If your configuration adjustment does not take effect, submit a ticket to contact us.

    How do I check the records of configuration adjustments?

    The records of configuration adjustments can be found in the operation log in the upper right corner of the Console. For a prepaid instance, an order will be generated in the income & expense statement each time the instance is upgraded or degraded.

    Can bandwidth be adjusted when the CVM is renewed in Recycle Bin?

    No. Adjustment to bandwidth configuration can only be made after the instance is successfully renewed in Recycle Bin.

    Does a postpaid instance support adjusting configuration?

    The instances whose data disk and system disk are both cloud disks support adjusting configuration. The configuration of a postpaid instance can be upgraded or degraded for unlimited times; the configuration of a prepaid instance can be upgraded for unlimited times, but can only be degraded once.

    How many times can the configuration of a CVM be degraded at most?

    Each instance can only be degraded once.

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