Upgrading Virtio network card drive for Windows CVMs

Last updated: 2020-06-24 17:54:20

To prevent Windows CVMs created between June and August of 2016 from being disconnected from the network in extreme cases and affecting your business operations, we provide an upgrade program for the Virtio ENI driver. We strongly recommend that you install the upgrade program by following the instructions below. Then, simply restart the CVMs.

Tencent Cloud users can download the update program from the following private IP address and complete the upgrade with one click. Users need to log in to the Windows CVM and access the image site at http://mirrors.tencentyun.com/install/windows/update_netkvm.exe to download the upgrade program. After downloading the program, you can run it immediately or save it and run it later.

If the information shown below appears, the driver was successfully upgraded. Restart the system so that the new driver takes effect.

If the information shown below appears, the existing driver is normal and does not need to be upgraded.