Last updated: 2021-12-13 11:50:51

    What Is an Image?

    An image is a serialized copy of the entire state of a computer system stored as a file. You can consider an image to be a system installation disk. It contains everything you need to launch a CVM instance. An image can launch as many CVM instances as you want, and you can launch CVM instances from as many images as you want.

    Image Types

    Tencent Cloud provides the following types of images:

    • Public images: available to all users and cover most mainstream operating systems.
    • Custom images: only available to the owner and the users with whom the images are shared. Custom images are created from instances or imported from external sources.
    • Shared images: shared by other users. These can only be used to create instances.

    For more information on image types, please see Image Types.

    Use Cases

    • Deploy a specific software environment
      To provide web services or develop applications, you often require a specific set of software running in a cohesive environment. Building such environments and installing software are time-consuming and complex, which is why Tencent Cloud is perfect for such tasks. Custom images and shared images can help you satisfy your requirements quickly and effortlessly.
    • Deploy software environment in batches
      You can create an image from an instance with a deployed environment and then use the image to create instances in batches. After creation, these instances will have the same software environment as the original instance.
    • Server runtime environment backup
      You can make a custom image from a CVM instance to back up the runtime environment. If the environment is corrupted afterwards, you can use the image to restore it.

    Image Lifecycle

    The following illustrates the lifecycle of a custom image. After the custom image is created or imported, you can use it to launch a CVM instance. Custom images can be copied to other regions under the same account. You can also share custom images with other users.