Choosing a Billing Mode

Last updated: 2021-12-13 16:02:14

Tencent Cloud provides the following billing methods for Cloud Virtual Machine (CVM) instances:

  • Pay as you go is a flexible billing method for CVM instances. You can activate or terminate a CVM at any time, and you will be billed by the actual usage of the CVM. The billing granularity is accurate to second, and no up-front payment is required. A bill is generated every hour on the dot. This billing method is suitable for use cases such as an e-commerce flash sale where the demand for devices can fluctuate greatly.
  • Spot Instance is a new way to use and pay for CVM instances. Similar to the pay-as-you-go method, you pay for spot instances in postpaid mode by the second, every hour. The price of spot instances fluctuates according to the market demand. You can receive a sizable discount for them when the demand is low (usually 10% to 20%). However, spot instances might be repossessed automatically by the system as the demand becomes high.

Both the pay-as-you-go and spot-instances billing methods can satisfy user requirements in different scenarios. For more information, see Pricing Modes.