Share Custom Images

Last updated: 2020-02-02 14:53:03


Shared image means that you share a custom image that you have created with others users. You can easily get shared images from other users, to get necessary components and then add custom contents.

Note that Tencent Cloud cannot guarantee the integrity or security of the shared images from other users. Please use only shared images from reliable sources.

Sharing Images

Obtaining Account of the Counterpart

To share an image with another user, you need to obtain his/er unique account ID. You can inform him of obtaining your ID in this way:

1) Log in to Tencent Cloud console, and click the account name in the upper right corner > Account Information.

2) View the Account ID in Basic Information.

Sharing Images on Console

1) Log in to Tencent Cloud Console.

2) Click Images in the navigation pane.

3) Click the Custom Image tab, and select the custom image you want to share.

4) Click the Share button, enter the unique Tencent Cloud account ID of the counterpart, and click OK.

5) Inform him of logging in to Tencent Cloud Console and select "CVM" - "Image" - "Shared Image", to view the image that you has shared with him.

6) To share this image with multiple users, repeat the above steps until you have added all users.

Sharing Images via API

You can use the ShareImage API to share images.

Using Shared Images

Shared images can only be used to launch CVM instances. For details, refer to Purchase and Start Instances.