Price of CVM Instance

Last updated: 2020-02-12 17:37:45


A CVM instance includes hardware (CPU and memory), disks (system disk, data disk) and network. You can find the corresponding resources on the purchase page when purchasing a CVM. This document introduces the price, purchase and configuration modification of CVM instance hardware (i.e. CPU and memory).

Prices of postpaid instances

This section describes the pricy policy for postpaid CVMs.

From 12:00 on July 26, 2016, postpaid CVMs are billed with 3-tiered pricing. Newly purchased and existing CVM instances are all billed based on the new billing system. In the new billing method, the longer the use duration, the larger the discount.


  • Billing unit: USD/hour.
  • The CVM tiered pricing policy only involves CPU and memory fees.
  • The prices displayed in the Price Calculator page are all tier 1 prices. Tier 2 price = Tier 1 price × 50%. Tier 3 price = Tier 1 price × 34%.
  • The tiered pricing policy is only applicable for CVMs with unchanged configuration. If the configuration of a CVM is changed, the CVM is hereafter billed as per the tier 1 price of the new configuration.
    For example, the original configuration of a CVM is 2-core 4 GB, and when the CVM is used for 100 hours, tier 2 price will be applied; if at this point the configuration is adjusted to 1-core 2 GB, the CVM will be hereafter billed as per the tier 1 price of 1-core 2 GB.
  • The arrears mechanism for postpaid CVMs remains unchanged. For more information, please see Arrears mechanism for postpaid CVMs.
  • Discounts are not supported for postpaid CVMs.