Price of CVM Instance

Last updated: 2021-03-15 15:51:22

The price of a CVM instance consists of the hardware (CPUs and memory), disk (system and data disks), and network fees. When you purchase a CVM instance, corresponding resources are available on the purchase page. This document describes the pricing, purchase method, and configuration modification process of CVM instance hardware (CPUs and memory).

This section describes pricing rules for pay-as-you-go CVM instances.

  • The billing unit is USD per hour.
  • The overdue payment policy for pay-as-you-go CVMs remains unchanged. For details, see Overdue Payment Policy.
  • Discounts are unavailable for pay-as-you-go CVMs.
  • Eligible pay-as-you-go instances (CPUs and memory) are not charged after shutdown. For details, see No Charges When Shut down for Pay-as-You-Go Instances. Ineligible instances will still be charged after shutdown.