Purchasing Channels

Last updated: 2020-01-16 15:06:05


Tencent Cloud users can purchase CVMs both on the official website and via API.

Purchasing from Official Website

Users can purchase CVMs on Tencent Cloud official website. Tencent Cloud CVM is pay-as-you-go, usage is billed per second with an hourly bill cycle. For more information, see CVM Billing Methods.

Follow these steps to purchase CVM on Tencent Cloud official website:

  1. Log in to the CVM purchase page.
  2. Select region, availability zone, series, model, hardware, network type and network billing method as needed.
  3. After confirming the order, you can pay with your balance.
  4. CVM will be available immediately after payment. IP address will appear in 10 minutes and you can log in to the console to manage your CVM.


  • Make sure that your account has sufficient balance. CVMs in arrears may be repossessed.
    For more information, see Arrears Reminder.
  • See Public Network Billing Methods and other help documents for more configurations and purchasing options.

Purchasing via API

For more information on how to purchase a CVM via API, see the API document Creating Instances.