Delete security group policies

Last updated: 2020-02-18 14:07:28


Operation scene

If you no longer need a security group rule, you can delete it.


  • A security group has been created and security group rules have been added to the security group.
  • It has been confirmed that Cloud Virtual Machine instance does not need to allow / prohibit which public network Access or private network Access.

Operation step

  1. Login Cloud Virtual Machine console .
  2. In Left sidebar, click [ Security Group ] to enter the security group management page
  3. On the security group management page, select * * region * * to find the security group whose rules need to be deleted.
  4. In the security group row where the rule needs to be deleted, click "modify Rule" in the action column to enter the security group rule page.
  5. On the security group rules page, delete the direction to which the security group rules belong (inbound / outbound) as needed, and click the * * inbound / outbound rules * * tab.
  6. Locate the security group rule that needs to be deleted, and click "Delete" in the action column.
  7. In the pop-up prompt box, click OK.