Billing for Elastic Public IP

Last updated: 2019-11-18 20:38:54



Public network fee

The EIPs bound to cloud product instances (such as CVM or NAT gateway) are free of charge. But you need to pay for public network traffic or public bandwidth when creating an EIP. For more information on the price, see the pricing page. For more information on billing rules, see purchasing public network.

Idle fee

For bare IPs not bound with any cloud product instances and bill-by-traffic EIPs, a resource occupation fee applies. See the below table:

Region of the EIP Price per Hour for unbound EIPs (If the duration is less than 1 hour, the EIP is billed on a pro rata basis)
Mainland China 0.03 USD/hour
Hong Kong, China 0.04 USD/hour
North America and Western U.S. (Silicon Valley),Singapore 0.04 USD/hour

If the no-bindings duration is less than 1 hour, the EIP is billed on a pro rata basis. For example, if an EIP is idle for 30 minutes, it is billed as price per hour * 0.5 and is settled once an hour.

It is recommended to release Elastic Public IPs you no longer used to save your resources and costs. For more information on operation instructions, see releasing EIPs.

Arrears Processing

For bare IPs, IPs billed by bandwidth on an hourly basis and IPs billed by traffic on an hourly basis:

  • When your balance falls below zero, you can continue to use EIPs for the next 2 hours. After 24 hours, if your account is not topped up to a positive balance, all EIP addresses will be unavailable.
  • If your balance is still negative after the 24 + 2 hours, EIPs will be forcibly released.