Last updated: 2020-06-09 14:24:44

    Do you have any advice regarding OPS for small websites hosted on CVM?

    To maintain the website applications, you can:

    • Back up data to the cloud disk daily. For more information, see Creating Snapshots.
    • Use SSL Certificates Service for identity verification and encrypted connections.
    • Install anti-virus plugins or anti-DDoS services or purchase Cloud Workload Protection.
    • Monitor the traffic to and from the website and identify exceptions in the traffic range. Add the security group rules of denied access to temporarily control the exception request of a single point. For more information, see Getting Monitoring Statistics and Adding Security Group Rules.
    • Monitor the performance of CVM instances and the cloud disk, and mark the traffic/access peak period. Familiarize yourself in advance with upgrade/degrade, auto scaling, or cloud disk expansion to respond to request surges. For more information, see Change Instance Configuration, What is Auto Scaling (AS)?, or Cloud Disk Expansion Scenarios.
    • Update the admin password regularly for scenarios where you log in to CVM instances with the root/Administrator username and password. For more information, see Reset Instance Password.
    • Update the software patches regularly.