Last updated: 2020-03-06 10:50:15

To configure ENIs for your CVM, following these instructions:

  1. Create an ENI.
    View the ENI you just created.
  2. Bind the ENI to your CVM and configure it.
  3. Configure the CVM and VPC route table.
  4. Assign a private IP.
    1. Log in to Virtual Private Cloud Console.
    2. Click ENI under IP and ENI in the left sidebar. The ENI page appears.
    3. Click the ID/Name of an ENI to see its details.
    4. Click IP Management to go to the details page.
    5. Click Assign private IP to assign a private IP to the ENI. If you do this manual, pick a usable private IP. Click OK.
  5. Manage the ENI.