Modify Instance Private IP

Last updated: 2019-12-31 18:01:19


You can modify the private IP of a CVM instance in the VPC directly on the console or by changing the subnet of the CVM instance. For more information on how to change the subnet, please see Change Subnet.


  • Changing the primary IP of a primary ENI may cause a restart of associated CVM.
  • The primary IP of a secondary ENI cannot be modified.


  • Log in to the CVM console.
  • Select a region.
  • Click the ID of the instance to go to its details page.
  • On the instance details page, click ENI -> Modify Primary IP.
  • Enter a new IP in the pop-up window and then click OK. It takes effect after the instance is restarted.

    Note: You can only enter the private IP of the current subnet CIDR.