Export Instances

Last updated: 2020-02-02 16:22:48


You can export the CVM instance list of a region in the console, and customize the fields of the list to be exported. You can select a maximum of 28 fields. The fields supported for export include: ID, instance name, status, region, availability zone, instance type, operating system, image ID, CPU, MEM, bandwidth, Primary private IPv4, Primary public IPv4, Primary IPv6, system disk type, system disk capacity, data disk type, data disk capacity, network, subnet, associated VPC, creation time, expiry time, CVM billing method, network billing method, dedicated host ID, tag and project.


  • Log in to the CVM console.
  • Select a region.
  • Click the Download All icon.
  • On the page of customizing fields to be exported, you can select the fields to export. Then, click OK to export.