Change Instance Subnet

Last updated: 2019-10-18 11:18:09


The subnet of the CVM instance in VPC can be directly replaced in the console.


  • The associated CVM restarts automatically after its subnet is replaced.
  • The subnet cannot be replaced for the secondary ENI.


  • Log in to the CVM Console.
  • Select a region.
  • Click the ID of the instance to go to its details page.
  • On the instance details page, click ENI, and then click the ID of primary ENI.
  • Go to the primary ENI details page, and click Replace Subnet.
  • Select the new subnet in the pop-up subnet replacement page, enter the new primary IP, and click OK. Then, the instance restarts to complete the replacement.


    1. If you have not created a subnet in this availability zone, create a new subnet first.
    2. You can only enter the private IP of the current subnet CIDR.