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Copying Local Files to CVMs

Last updated: 2020-07-20 16:40:22

    Users commonly purchase CVMs to store their local files onto them. This document describes how to copy your files to a CVM.

    Find the operating system of your local computer below and refer to the corresponding instructions.

    Local OS Linux CVM Windows CVM
    Windows Use MSTSC to upload files to a CVM
    Linux Use RDP to upload files to a CVM
    Mac OS Use MRD to upload files to a CVM
    For example, if you use Windows on your local computer and have a Linux CVM, you can use WinSCP to upload files from your local computer to the Linux CVM.

    Subsequent Operations

    For important data, you can make a snapshot for backup and disaster recovery purposes. For more information about the use cases and usage methods of snapshots, see Snapshot FAQs.

    Having Problems?

    Please submit a ticket to contact us or use related documentation to troubleshoot the issue.
    Below are common problems that users encounter when using CVMs. Please refer to the corresponding documentation below to locate and troubleshoot the problem.

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