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    Purchasing CVM instances

    All users can purchase CVM instances from the Tencent Cloud official website. All CVM instances are pay-as-you-go (billed by the second, charged by the hour). For more information, refer to Billing Modes.
    For information on how to purchase CVM instances, refer to Purchasing Channels.

    What are the CVM regions and availability zones? How do I choose them?

    For detailed information on regions and availability zones, refer to Regions and Availability Zones.
    For information on how to choose them, refer to Regions and Availability Zones.

    What CVM types are available?

    There are several types of CVM instances available. For a complete list, refer to Instance Types. Choose the one that best suits your needs.
    Tencent Cloud CVM is pay-as-you-go. Instances can be activated and terminated at any time, and you only pay for the resources used. This flexible billing mode lets you meet fluctuating demands while keeping costs low. In addition, usage is billed by the second to further maximize your savings.

    How do I choose from all these CVM types?

    You can select a type that suits your need by purchasing CVM instances or [changing an instance configuration] afterwards.

    Can I purchase CVM instances with Windows Server 2003?

    Microsoft discontinued extension support for Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server R2 on July 14, 2015. Therefore Tencent Cloud is no longer able to provide CVM instances with Windows Server 2003.

    How do I select a storage type?

    For data that requires high reliability, use Cloud Block Storage instead of local disks for data storage.
    For frequently-assessed data with fluctuating capacity, we recommend that you use Tencent Cloud's Cloud Databases.

    Where can I purchase CVM instances?

    You can use the official website or an API to purchase CVM instances.

    How long will it take before a purchased CVM can be used?

    Once you install an operating system on the CVM instance and the instance is running, you can log in and start using it.

    What should I do if CVM instance creation fails?

    If the CVM creation process takes a long time, wait to see if the CVM was created successfully. If it was not, you can submit a ticket for further assistance.

    What should I do if a CVM instance fails to be delivered?

    You can submit a ticket to contact customer service and provide complete screenshots of the server information and termination failure, indicating Delivery Failure, to facilitate troubleshooting.

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