Last updated: 2020-09-11 11:39:24

    If your account falls into arrears, a notification will be sent to you. Once receiving it, please go to the Billing Center on the console and top up your account in time to prevent your business from being affected. This document will provide detailed information on arrears.


    You can learn about why arrears happen by browsing FAQs as below:


    Service Status in Arrears

    1. COS service is still available within 24 hours after your account falls into arrears, with a service suspension notification sent to you on the console. In this case, please top up your account to an amount not less than 0 in order to avoid affecting your business.
    2. COS service will be automatically suspended after 24 hours in arrears. You cannot read or write any data in COS, while charges will still accrue for the storage usage of your data until it is destroyed. Before the destruction, COS will retain your data for 120 days considering its potential importance. During this period, all you can do using the console is top up your account, whose balance should be not less than 0 for the service to be activated again.
    3. After 120 days on end in arrears, you will be deemed to have waived the COS service. With no promise to further retain your data, it will be destroyed and cannot be recovered.

    How to Avoid or Process my Arrears?

    1. You can choose to delete COS data which you find useless to avoid any further charges.
    2. You can enable Monthly Expense Alert in Console > Billing Center to receive notifications when your available balance falls below the alert threshold.
    3. In case of arrears, please top up your account timely to an amount not less than 0.