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    Billing Cycle

    See the following for COS billable items and corresponding billing cycle:

    Billable Items Billing Cycle
    Storage usage fees Monthly
    Request fees
    Data retrieval fees
    Traffic fees Daily
    Management feature fees Daily

    Arrears and Service Termination

    When your account is in arrears for 24 hours, COS service will stop automatically. Your data will be stored for 120 days. If your account balance is not greater than 0 after 120 days, the data will be destroyed.

    If you receive an arrears notification, please go to the Top-up Center on the console and top up your account in time to prevent your business from being affected.

    For billing details, please check the Bill Details page on the console. For more information, please see Viewing Billing Details.

    If you have any question on the billing items, see Billable Items for the description of each billing item and the billing rules.

    1. When your account is in arrears and COS is out of service, you will continue to be charged for the storage capacity occupied till the data is destroyed.
    2. The data cannot be recovered once destroyed.
    3. After you renew your account and make your balance equal to or above 0, the service will automatically restart.
    4. Delete data on COS that you no longer need to avoid incurring unnecessary charges.

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