Object Access URL

Last updated: 2021-08-16 10:38:09


    This document provides code samples to obtain an object URL.

    Obtaining Object URL

    API Description

    This API is used to query the URL to access an object. This API does not verify whether the object exists or not.


    var url = cos.getObjectUrl({
       Bucket: 'examplebucket-1250000000',
       Region: 'COS_REGION',     /* Bucket region. Required */
       Key: 'exampleobject',
       Sign: false,    /* Obtain an unsigned object URL. */

    Parameter description

    Parameter Description Type Required
    Bucket Bucket name in the format of BucketName-APPID. String Yes
    Region Bucket region. For the enumerated values, please see Regions and Access Endpoints. String Yes
    Key Object key (object name), the unique ID of an object in a bucket. For more information, please see Object Overview. String Yes
    Sign Whether to return a signed URL. Default value: true Boolean No
    Protocol It can be http: (default) or https: String No
    Domain Bucket access domain. Default value: {BucketName-APPID}.cos.{Region}.myqcloud.com String No
    Method HTTP request method such as GET, POST, DELETE, or HEAD. Default value: GET String No
    Query Query parameter object for signature calculation in the format of {key: 'val'} Object No
    Headers Header parameter object for signature calculation Object No
    Expires Signature expiration time in seconds. Default value: 900 Number No

    Callback function description

    function(err, data) { ... }
    Parameter Description Type
    err Error code, which is returned when an error (network error or service error) occurs. If the request is successful, this parameter is empty. For more information, please see Error Codes. Object
    data Content returned when the request is successful. If the request fails, this parameter is empty. Object
    - Url Calculated URL String