Last updated: 2019-06-14 19:17:12


How do I call API to delete partially uploaded files?

First, call the ListMultipartUploads API to list the partially uploaded files. Then, call the Abort Multipart upload API to abort multipart upload and delete parts that are already uploaded.

What should I do if it returns correctly after calling the batch deletion API, but in fact the file deletion failed?

Check the deleted file path. The file path should not begin with "/".

Can I use XML API to manage the bucket created and objects uploaded via JSON API?

Yes, XML API is based on the COS underlying architecture. It can be used to work with data generated by JSON API.

What is the relationship between XML API and JSON API?

JSON API is the API used to access COS after September 2016. Its upload domain name is .file.myqcloud.com. JSON API will be in the maintainance state, usable without added new features. JSON API has the same underlying architecture as the standard XML API. Their data is interoperable and can be cross-used, but the two APIs are incompatible and have different domain names.

Do XML API and JSON API share one key?

Yes. The key information can be found in the Cloud API Key Console.

No. They have separate signatures. For more information, see:

Do XML API and JSON API share the same ACL permissions?

No. They have separate ACL permissions.

How do I get a temporary download URL to the Python SDK?

For more information, see Get pre-signed download URL.

Can I access the SDK with CDN acceleration domain name?

Yes. See the SDK Documentation for your programming language.

How do I configure and limit the whitelist if multiple domain names are requested in the Mini Program or the bucket name is uncertain?

When you instantiate the SDK, open the suffix type using ForcePathStyle:true. If you make a suffix type request in a URL format like https://cos-ap-beijing.myqcloud.com/<BucketName-APPID>/<Key>, the bucket name /<BucketName-APPID> will also be added to the signature computing.

How do I save an image in a Mini Program to my device?

First, obtain the image URL using cos.getObjectUrl, and then call wx.downloadFile to download the image to get the temp path. When the Save Image button appears, click the button and call wx.saveImageToPhotosAlbum to save the image to your album.