Product Updates

Last updated: 2020-03-17 10:55:11


This paper records the product trends of Cloud Object Storage COS.

March 2020

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Global Acceleration Function Activate The global acceleration function of Tencent Cloud COS, it allows users across the world to quickly access your buckets and improves your business access success rate for a higher business stability and smoother user experience. 2020.03.10 Global acceleration overview

December 2019

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Activate in Nanjing areaCloud Object Storage Activate Nanjing region (ap-nanjing).2019.12.19Regions and Access Domain Names
Bucket encryption function ActivateBy setting Bucket encryption, all objects newly uploaded to Bucket can be encrypted with the specified server encryption by default.2019.12.16Overview of Bucket encryption

October 2019

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Batch processing function ActivateBatch processing allows you to perform specified operations on the list of objects specified in Bucket.2019.10.22Overview of batch processing
Retrieval function ActivateThe COS retrieval function filters the objects stored on the COS through the structured query statement (SQL) in order to retrieve the objects and obtain the data needed by the user.2019.10.09Overview of Select

August 2019

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Log management function ActivateThe log management records the detailed access information of the specified source bucket and store the information as log files in the specified bucket to facilitate bucket management.2019.8.29Overview of log management

June 2019

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Version control function ActivateVersion control is used to store multiple versions of the same object in the same Bucket.2019.06.20Versioning Overview
Cross-region replication function ActivateBy configuring cross-region replication rules, incremental objects can be replicated automatically and asynchronously in Bucket in different storage areas.2019.06.20Cross-region Replication Overview
Support custom real server domain nameUsers can bind the custom domain name of ICP filing to the current Bucket, and use the custom domain name Access bucket object.2019.06.10Overview of Domain name Management
Inventory function ActivateInventory is a feature that helps you manage objects in a bucket and can gradually replace the List API operation in COS.2019.06.03Inventory Overview

May 2019

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Bucket label ActivateBucket tag is a logo for the management of Bucket, which is convenient for users to manage Bucket in groups.2019.05.10Bucket Tag Overview

April 2019

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Direct transmission archiving function ActivateUpload storage class as the object of IDR Frame Alignment directly in COS.2019.04.26Direct transmission archiving

November 2018

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Cancel the default domain name and force the pop-up download in overseas regionsCloud Object Storage allows direct use of the Access domain name provided by Tencent Cloud in overseas regions and opens identifiable objects directly in the browser, eliminating the need to bind custom domain names.2018.11-
Optimize the performance of the request rateCloud Object Storage fully supports the ultra-high frequency Access request to meet the high-frequency Access scenarios such as big data computing.2018.11Request Rate and Performance Optimization
Billing-related DataCOS archive storage in Mainland China can be billed in US dollars.2018.11.12Pricing

October 2018

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Manage Access and Permission through Policy and ACLCloud Object Storage's new Activate manages Permission's functions in a way that supports Policy and ACL. Awarding Permission to Access refers to the combination of control capabilities that users can decide who, under what conditions, which resources, and perform specific operations, so as to meet Permission's management needs in many dimensions, such as your planning team and resources.-

August 2018

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Activate, Tokyo, JapanCloud Object Storage Activate Tokyo, Japan (ap-tokyo) region.2018.8Regions and Access Domain Names
New console Beta test ActivateSupport more new regions the new version of the console uses a new interface to support more regions. New features the new console supports functions such as life cycle.
The official website features, cases and other documents will be updated synchronously in accordance with the new console interface.
2018.08.01Console Overview

June 2018

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Publish Hadoop COS plug-in, which supports big data sceneThe official publish Hadoop COS plug-in package can be imported directly into the Hadoop environment. After modifying the configuration file core-site.xml, you can use the data from cosn:// Protocol directly from Access and Cloud Object Storage.Hadoop Tool
Private Bucket can be bound to CDN Access functionCloud Object Storage supports the Access function through CDN. In addition to public Bucket, you can also bind CDN Access on private Bucket, and enable CDN security authentication to ensure that your data cache at the edge of CDN is also protected, while enjoying CDN acceleration all over the world.-

May 2018

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Activate in Bangkok, Thailand and Moscow, RussiaCloud Object Storage is located in Activate in many new regions around the world, including Bangkok, Thailand (ap-bangkok) and Moscow, Russia (eu-moscow).Regions and Access Domain Names

April 2018

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You can use PATH to create a requestWhile supporting the virtual managed domain name, it also supports the domain name path method Access Cloud Object Storage. If you make a request for the region root node cos.[ region], you can return the Bucket and object information of the current region, which is compatible with the Access method of AWS S3 and AWS Authentication V4 signature. After configuring the corresponding keys and nodes, you can directly use various codes and tools of S3, Access and Tencent Cloud COS.-
Activate in Silicon Valley, Virginia (Ashburn), Seoul, South Korea and Mumbai, IndiaCloud Object Storage is located in a number of new regions around the world, including Silicon Valley (na-siliconvalley), Virginia (Ashburn na-ashburn), Seoul, South Korea (ap-seoul) and India's Mumbai (ap-mumbai).Regions and Access Domain Names

December 2017

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Cloud Object Storage Traffic knot ActivateIn order to let users know the usage of Traffic and the situation of cost in time, Cloud Object Storage and Traffic's billing has been changed from monthly settlement to daily billing, and other billing items remain unchanged.2017.12.15Billing item

September 2017

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Cloud Object Storage publish global multi-regional facilitiesCloud Object Storage added storage services in Chengdu, Hong Kong, Singapore, Toronto and Frankfurt, providing global users with the ability to store and access nearby, and adjusted and reduced the price of Traffic, the public network in Mainland China, China.Regions and Access Domain Names