Release Notes

Last updated: 2021-02-20 17:57:23

    January 2021

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Image processing supported all public cloud regions Image processing adds support for overseas public cloud regions. In other words, image processing is now available for all COS public cloud regions. 2021-01-20

    December 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Launched the origin-pull disaster recovery feature Configuring a backup origin server for COS origin-pull is now supported. In this way, if the origin-pull fails, you can quickly switch to the backup origin-pull address to ensure business smoothness. 2020-12-28 Setting Origin-Pull
    Launched the sync origin-pull feature If sync origin-pull is enabled, COS will directly pull data from the origin server and return the data to the client without returning the 3xx redirection status code. 2020-12-17 Setting Origin-Pull
    Upgraded the COS Batch Operation feature 1. Supports copying, adding, and modifying the object tag and metadata during batch copy.
    2. Optimizes the backend processing logic. Resources are dynamically allocated according to the file quantity, improving the processing efficiency by 50%.
    2020-12-09 Batch Operation Overview

    November 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Released COSDistCp COSDistCp is a MapReduce-based distributed file copy tool mainly used for data copy between HDFS and COS. 2020-11-27 COSDistCp Tool
    Launched the CSG feature Cloud Storage Gateway (CSG) is a hybrid cloud storage service provided by Tencent Cloud. You can configure a CSG instance for a bucket in COS, and then the bucket can be mounted to any of your CVM instances as a storage device in the form of a network folder. 2020-11-21 -
    Launched INTELLIGENT TIERING The INTELLIGENT TIERING storage class provides a hot/cold data tiering mechanism. It can automatically switch the hot and cold tiers of your data according to the data access mode, thereby reducing your storage costs. 2020-11-12 Overview - INTELLIGENT TIERING

    September 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Iterated the lifecycle feature and launched the bucket overview page 1. The lifecycle feature supports transitioning the historical versions of files to other storage classes.
    2. The COS console provides a global overview of individual buckets, allowing you to view the usage, basic bucket information, and feature and alarm configurations.
    2020-09-28 Setting Lifecycle
    Bucket Overview
    Launched DEEP ARCHIVE The DEEP ARCHIVE storage class provided by COS enables you to archive massive amounts of data for a long time. It offers a high cost-effectiveness comparable to that of tape storage to reduce your long-term storage costs. 2020-09-16 Overview - DEEP ARCHIVE

    August 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Iterated the origin-pull and lifecycle features 1. You can set the specific path to redirect to after an origin-pull rule is triggered and configure multiple origin-pull rules.
    2. Lifecycle rules can be applied to specified object tags.
    2020-08-05 Setting Origin-Pull
    Setting Lifecycle

    July 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Launched the CDN cache purge feature CDN cache purge is a data purge feature provided by COS based on the SCF service. It can automatically purge the data cached on CDN edge servers. 2020-07-01 CDN Cache Purging

    March 2020

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Launched the features of object tagging and file decompression
    Redesigned the console
    1. The overview page on the console has been redesigned, allowing you to access Cloud Monitor alarm settings, service release notes, and associated services.
    2. The file decompression feature is available.
    3. The object tagging feature is available, enabling you to group and manage objects stored in COS using tags.
    4. The bucket list now supports sorting, filter by region, and export.
    2020-03-30 Object Tagging Overview
    File Decompression
    Billing Overview
    Launched the image processing feature COS is integrated with Cloud Infinite media solutions to offer various features such as image processing, moderation, and recognition. You can process media data through the COS upload and processing APIs. 2020-03-13 Image Processing Overview
    Launched the global acceleration feature Tencent Cloud COS now offers global acceleration so that end users around the globe can quickly access your bucket, giving you a better business experience with higher business access success rate and business stability. 2020-03-10 Global Acceleration Overview

    December 2019

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Added support for the Nanjing (China) region COS is available in the new Nanjing (China) Region (ap-nanjing). 2019-12-19 Regions and Access Endpoints
    Launched the bucket encryption feature By setting bucket encryption, you can now encrypt all newly objects uploaded to a bucket with the specified server-side encryption method by default. 2019-12-16 Bucket Encryption Overview

    October 2019

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Launched the batch operation feature The batch operation feature allows you to perform a specified operation on a specified list of objects in a bucket. 2019-10-22 Batch Operation Overview
    Launched the COS Select feature The COS Select feature uses Structured Query Language (SQL) statements to filter the objects stored in COS so as to extract a specific object and get the desired data. 2019-10-09 SELECT Overview

    August 2019

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Launched the logging feature The logging feature records access details of the specified source bucket, and store them as log files in the specified destination bucket for better bucket management. 2019-08-29 Logging Overview

    June 2019

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Launched the versioning feature By enabling versioning, you can store multiple versions of an object in a bucket. 2019-06-20 Versioning Overview
    Launched the cross-region replication feature After a cross-region replication rule is configured, incremental objects can be automatically replicated asynchronously from and to buckets across different regions. 2019-06-20 Cross-region Replication Overview
    Added support for custom endpoints You can associate a custom domain name to the current bucket, and access the objects in the bucket via the custom domain name. 2019-06-10 Domain Name Management
    Launched the inventory feature Inventory is a feature that helps you manage objects in a bucket and can gradually replace the List API operation in COS. 2019-06-03 Inventory Overview

    May 2019

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Launched the bucket tagging feature A tag can be used as an identifier for easier bucket grouping and management. 2019-05-10 Bucket Tag Overview

    April 2019

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Launched the feature of direct upload to COS archive You can now upload objects directly into COS ARCHIVE storage class. 2019-04-26 Direct Upload to COS ARCHIVE

    November 2018

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Cancelled forced popup download prompt for the default domain name in regions outside Chinese mainland COS now allows users to directly use a domain name provided by Tencent Cloud to open a recognizable object in their browser and no longer requires binding a custom domain name. 2018-11
    Optimized the request rate performance COS now fully supports ultra-high access request rates, satisfying the needs of high-frequency access scenarios such as big data computing. 2018-11 Request Rate and Performance Optimization

    October 2018

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Added support for managing access permissions through policies and ACLs Users are now able to manage access permissions through policies and ACLs. You can specify who can perform the operation, what operation can be performed, and under what conditions. This helps meet permission management needs in multiple dimensions, both at the team-level and resource-level. 2018-10

    August 2018

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Added support for the Tokyo (Japan) region COS is available in the new Tokyo (Japan) Region (ap-tokyo). 2018-08 Regions and Access Endpoints
    Provided new COS console in Beta More new regions are now available. The new console uses new APIs and supports more regions. New features: The new console supports new features such as lifecycle management. Note:
    1. Documents that describe COS features and examples will be updated as per the new console.
    2. Subsequently, new features will only be launched in the new console and will no longer be available in the old console.
    2018-08 Console Overview

    June 2018

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Released the COS plugin for Hadoop to support big data scenarios The COS plugin for Hadoop is officially released and can be directly imported into the Hadoop environment. After modifying the `core-site.xml` configuration file, you can directly access data stored in COS over the `cosn://` protocol. 2018-06 Hadoop Tool
    Added support for binding a private bucket to CDN for access COS supports access through CDN. In addition to public buckets, you can now also bind private buckets to CDN for access. In addition, after CDN security authentication is enabled, your data will be protected in the CDN edge cache while enjoying global CDN acceleration. 2018-06

    May 2018

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Added support for the Bangkok and Moscow regions COS is now available in more new regions around the globe, including Bangkok (ap-bangkok) and Moscow (eu-moscow) regions. 2018-05 Regions and Access Endpoints

    April 2018

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Added support for request creation with PATH In addition to supporting virtual hosted domain names, COS now also supports access through domain name paths. A request to a regional root node `cos.[region]` will return the bucket and object information of the region. This is compatible with AWS S3 access methods and AWS Authentication V4 signatures. After configuring the corresponding keys and nodes, you can directly access COS by using various S3 code and tools. 2018-04
    Added support for the Silicon Valley, Virginia (Ashburn), Seoul, and Mumbai regions COS is now available in the Silicon Valley (na-siliconvalley), Virginia (Ashburn, na-ashburn), Seoul (ap-seoul), and Mumbai (ap-mumbai) regions. 2018-04 Regions and Access Endpoints

    December 2017

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Added support for daily billing of COS traffic To keep you updated on traffic usage and fees, the billing period for COS traffic is changed from monthly to daily, while other billable items are still billed monthly. 2017-12-15 Billable Items

    September 2017

    Update Description Release Date Documentation
    Added support for COS in more regions around the globe COS is now available in the Chengdu, Hong Kong (China), Singapore, Toronto, and Frankfurt regions, providing global users with the ability to store and access data nearby. The public network traffic prices in Chinese mainland are reduced. 2017-09 Regions and Access Endpoints