Setting Bucket Tags

Last updated: 2019-12-20 15:47:24



A bucket tag is a key-value pair (key = value) consisting of the tag's key, value, and =, such as group = IT. It can be used as an identifier for easier bucket grouping and management. Tags for the specified bucket can be set, queried, and deleted in the console.


  • Up to 10 tags can be added to one bucket, and the tag keys cannot be the same.
  • Tag keys and values cannot contain reserved words such as qcs: and project. For more information about restrictions, see Bucket Tag Overview.

Adding a Tag When Creating a Bucket

You can add a bucket tag when creating a bucket, as shown in the figure below:

Adding a Tag to an Existing Bucket

If you do not add a tag when creating a bucket, you can follow the steps below to add one subsequently.

  1. On the Bucket List page, click the name of the bucket to which to add a tag to enter the bucket configuration page.
  2. Click Basic Configuration, scroll down to find the Tag Management configuration item, and add the bucket tag. See the figure below: