Setting Bucket Encryption

Last updated: 2021-02-20 10:50:41


    You can set server-side encryption for a bucket in the COS Console, so that new objects uploaded to the bucket can be encrypted by default. For more information on bucket encryption, please see Bucket Encryption Overview.


    Currently, the supported bucket encryption method is SSE-COS encryption (i.e., server-side encryption using COS-managed encryption keys). For more information on server-side encryption, please see Server-side Encryption Overview.


    Setting encryption when creating a bucket

    You can configure bucket encryption when creating a bucket, as shown below:

    Setting encryption for an existing bucket

    If you do not set encryption when creating a bucket, you can follow the steps below to set configuration subsequently.

    1. On the Bucket List page, click the name of the bucket for which to set encryption to enter the bucket configuration page.
    2. Select Safety Management > Server-Side Encryption on the left sidebar, click Edit, and toggle Status on.
    3. Select the specified encryption method and click Save.