Console Overview

Last updated: 2021-09-23 10:09:02


    The COS console is an easy-to-use tool. It allows you to directly create buckets, upload/share/back up data, and perform batch operations, freeing you from the hassles associated with code writing and program running. The following table lists the features of the COS console as well as their related documents:


    For more information about the features, please see Feature Overview.

    Console Menu Operation Documentation
    Basic Bucket Operations
  • Bucket Overview
  • Creating Buckets
  • Deleting Buckets
  • Querying Buckets
  • Empty Buckets
  • Basic Object Operations
  • Uploading Objects
  • Downloading Objects
  • Copying Objects
  • Viewing Object Information
  • Searching for Objects
  • Sorting and Filtering Objects
  • Direct Upload Archiving
  • Modifying Storage Class
  • Deleting File Fragments
  • Custom Headers
  • Deleting Objects
  • Restoring an Archived Object
  • Folder Operations
  • Creating Folders
  • Deleting Folders
  • View Folder Details
  • Setting Folder Permissions
  • Lifecycle Setting Lifecycle
    Static Website Setting up a Static Website
    Inventory Enabling Inventory
    Bucket Tagging Setting Bucket Tags
    Data Monitoring
  • Dashboard
  • Querying Monitoring Data
  • Setting Alarm Policies
  • Logging Setting Logging
    Data Origin-pull Setting Origin-Pull
    Batch Jobs Batch Operation
    Data Extraction Data Extraction
    Cross-Region Disaster Recovery
  • Setting Versioning
  • Setting Cross-Bucket Replication
  • Encryption
  • Setting Object Encryption
  • Setting Bucket Encryption
  • Hotlink Protection Setting Hotlink Protection
    Cross-Origin Access Setting Cross-Origin Access
    Bucket Policy Adding Bucket Policies
    Access Control
  • Setting Object Access Permission
  • Setting Bucket Access Permission
  • Accessing Bucket List Using a Sub-account
  • Endpoints and Access Acceleration
  • Domain Name Management Overview
  • Enabling Default CDN Acceleration Domain Names
  • Enabling Custom Accelerated Domain Name
  • Enabling Custom Endpoints
  • Granting the Sub-account Accelerated Domain Name Configuration Permission
  • Enabling Global Acceleration
  • Data Processing Image processing:
  • Basic Image Processing
    Function service:
  • File Decompression
  • CDN Cache Purging
  • Setting Cloud Database Backup
  • Application Integration
  • CKafka Message Backup
  • Log Cleansing