Common Request Headers

Last updated: 2018-06-06 17:35:21



This document describes Common Request Headers to be used when using APIs. The headers described below will not be discussed in later API documents.

List of Request Headers

Header Name Description Type Required
Authorization Contain authentication information, signature information used to verify the validity of requests. This header is not required for files that can be read by public users. String No
Content-Length HTTP request content length defined in RFC 2616 (bytes), commonly used in API operations of PUT type. String No
Content-Type HTTP request content type defined in RFC 2616 (MIME), for example: text/plain String No
Content-MD5 128-bit content MD5 check value encoded using Base64, defined in RFC 1864. This header is used to check whether the file content has changed. String No
Date GMT time defined in RFC 1123, for example: Wed, 30 Mar. 2016 23:00:00 GMT. String No
Expect If Expect: 100-continue is used, the request content will not be sent until the receipt of response from server. This option can be used to check whether a header is valid, without the need to send the data content.
Valid value: 100-continue.
String No
Host Request host, in a form of String Yes