Deleting Objects - rm

Last updated: 2021-11-25 12:20:17

    The rm command is used to delete an object.

    Command Syntax

    ./coscli rm cos://<bucketAlias>[/prefix/] [cos://<bucket-name>[/prefix/]...] [flag]

    For more information about bucketAlias, please see Configurations.

    rm includes the following optional flags:

    Flag Abbreviation Flag Full Name Description
    -h --help Outputs help information.
    -c --config-path Path of the configuration file to use
    None --include Includes specific objects.
    None --exclude Excludes specific objects.
    -r --recursive Whether to traverse all objects in the directory recursively
    -f --force Forces delete (no prompt before the deletion).

    • --include and --exclude support standard regular expressions. You can use regular expressions to filter objects that meet your requirements.
    • When using zsh, you may need to enclose the pattern string with double quotation marks.
    ./coscli rm cos://bucket1/example/ -r --include ".*.mp4"


    Deleting an object

    ./coscli rm cos://bucket1/fig1.png

    Deleting all objects in the picture directory

    ./coscli rm cos://bucket1/pictrue/ -r