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Mobile Version Features

Last updated: 2021-10-08 11:26:24

    COS’s COSBrowser mobile app allows you to easily view and manage COS resources anytime you want. The supported operations are described below.

    Data Monitoring

    Operation Description
    Usage overview Displays data of the recent resource usage.
    Monitoring buckets Displays bucket-level data of the recent resource usage.
    Widget Data Overview supports iOS widgets, which allow you to view the usage data without opening the app.

    Bucket Management and Operations

    Operation Description
    Querying bucket list Queries the bucket list by region.
    Adding access paths Adds an access path if you log in as a sub-account that does not have permission to query the bucket list.
    Creating a bucket Creates a bucket.
    Searching for a bucket Fuzzy-searches for a bucket from the bucket list with keywords.
    Viewing basic information about the bucket Views the bucket’s basic information such as the bucket name, region, creation time, and whether MAZ is enabled.
    Managing bucket permissions Modifies the public permissions and user permissions for the bucket.
    Enabling global acceleration Enables global acceleration for a bucket.
    Configuring transfers for a bucket Sets the domain name used for uploads and downloads.

    Object Management and Operations

    Operation Description
    Creating folders Creates folders in a bucket.
    Deleting folders Deletes a folder. You can delete the folder and the objects in it.
    Uploading objects Uploads local/remote objects or objects from other apps to COS. You can also set the storage class, access permission, encryption method, object tag, metadata, and more when uploading the objects.
    Backing up objects Backs up objects automatically. If you enable this feature, COSBrowser will automatically back up images in the System Photo Library to the specified bucket.
    Downloading objects Downloads objects to local or saves them to the System Photo Library.
    Operating in batches Uploads, downloads, deletes, replicates, or moves objects in the bucket in batches.
    Previewing objects Previews images, videos, audio, documents, and files in other formats in the bucket.
    Decompressing objects online Decompresses ZIP, TAR, or GZ packages online.
    Sharing objects Shares objects in the bucket to other users in no time.
    Renaming objects Renames objects in the bucket.
    Searching for objects Fuzzy-searches and searching by folder/image/video/audio/documents are supported.
    Sorting or filtering objects Sorts objects in the bucket by object name, size, or modification time, or filters objects by storage class.
    Managing object permission Manages access permissions at object level, which have a higher priority over bucket permissions.
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