Cross-region Replication Configuration

Last updated: 2019-11-13 15:21:55


Applicable Scenarios

With cross-region replication enabled, object data in your source bucket can be copied to the designated destination bucket in another region. Cross-region replication can help you achieve remote disaster recovery, comply with industry-specific requirements, migrate and back up data, reduce access latency, enable clusters in different regions to access data, etc.

After versionning is enabled, newly uploaded objects will generate multiple versions and take up storage space, so these versions of the object will also charge for storage.


Configuring via the COS Console

For information on how to configure a cross-region replication rule in the COS Console, see Setting Cross-region Replication documentation.

Configuring via REST API

You can configure and manage cross-region replication via REST API as described in the following API documentation:

Configuring with SDK

You can directly call the cross-region replication method in the SDK. For more information, see the SDK documentation for the corresponding programming language below: