Enabling Default CDN Acceleration Domain Names

Last updated: 2020-09-27 17:48:46


    This document describes how to enable a default CDN acceleration domain name following the directions below:


    1. Log in to the COS Console. Click Bucket List on the left sidebar to open the Bucket List page.

    2. Click on the bucket for which to configure the domain name to enter the bucket configuration page.

    3. Select Domain and Transmission Management > Default CDN Acceleration Domain on the left sidebar, click Edit, and toggle Status on to configure the following information:

      • Acceleration Region: you can choose Mainland China, Outside China mainland, or Global, where the last means allowing global bucket acceleration across all regions.
      • Origin Server Type: the origin server type usually defaults to Default Origin Server, but if you have enabled static website for the origin server bucket and want to accelerate content delivery for the static website, select Static Website Origin Server.
      • Origin-pull Authentication: for public-read buckets, you don't need to enable Origin-pull Authentication. For private-read buckets, enable Origin-pull Authentication after adding CDN service authorization.

        Domain Management is inaccessible if you have never used the CDN service. To activate it, go to the CDN Console.

    4. Click Save to activate CDN acceleration.

      For private-read buckets, if both origin-pull authentication and CDN service authorization are enabled, signature is not required for access to origin server via CDN, and cached resources in CDN will be distributed over the public network, which will affect data security. Therefore, we recommend that you enable CDN authentication.

    Enabling origin-pull authentication

    For a private-read bucket, authorize the CDN service before you can enable origin-pull authentication.

    1. Click Add CDN Service Authorization in the Default CDN Acceleration Domain section, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the authorization.
    2. Toggle on “Origin-pull Authentication” to enable origin-pull authorization for your bucket.
    3. Click Save to activate CDN acceleration.
    4. After clicking Save, you can see the default acceleration domain has been enabled, with the status of CDN authentication displayed at the bottom. Click Authentication Configuration to begin the authentication.
    5. Go to the CDN Console, and click Domain Management > Manage (for the domain you want) > Security Configuration. For detailed authentication configuration directions, see Authentication Configuration Instruction.