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    COS is billed in a pay-as-you-go manner. This document describes the pay-as-you-go billing details. This billing method is applicable to all regions where the COS service is provided. COS fees are charged for billable items such as storage usage, requests, and traffic, and charges and settles the user's account on a daily or monthly basis.

    Billable Items

    The billable items in COS and their billing formulas are as detailed below:

    Billable Item Description Billing Formula
    Storage usage fees Calculated based on the storage capacity used at a unit price that varies by storage class
  • Storage usage fees = storage usage unit price * monthly storage usage
  • Monthly storage usage = sum of "daily storage usage" in the month / number of days in the month
  • Daily storage usage = sum of "5-minute storage usage" / 288 (number of statistical points)
  • Request fees Calculated based on the number of requests at a unit price that varies by storage class Request fees = unit price per 10,000 requests * monthly accumulated number of requests / 10,000
    Data retrieval fees Calculated based on the volume of data retrieved at a unit price that varies by storage class. This billable item applies when data in standard_IA and archive storage classes is downloaded Data retrieval fees = unit price per GB * monthly amount of data retrieved
    Traffic fees Calculated based on the public network downstream traffic, CDN origin-pull traffic, cross-region replication traffic, and global acceleration traffic at a unit price that varies by traffic type Traffic fees = unit price per GB * daily accumulated traffic
    Management feature fees Fees generated by management features, currently including inventory, Select, batch operation and object tagging, which you enabled and used Select feature fees = number of objects inventoried/million * unit price
    Select feature fees = unit price per GB * daily accumulated extraction traffic
    Batch operation fees include job fees and object operation fees.
  • Job fees = number of jobs created * unit price
  • Object operation fees = number of objects operated on/10,000 * unit price
  • Object tagging fees = number of tags/10,000 * unit price


    For detailed descriptions of billable items and billing restrictions, see Billable Items.

    Product Pricing

    For information on COS as-you-go-you pricing, please see Product Pricing.


    John Smith uploaded files of 100 GB in standard storage class on March 1, 2019 and downloaded 10 GB of data through the public network on March 15. The following fees were incurred in March:

    • Standard storage usage fees: The total storage capacity used in the month was 100 GB.
    • Traffic fees: The total public network downstream traffic generated in the month was 10 GB.
    • Request fees: The data uploading and downloading requests in this month were billed.

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