Setting Log Management

Last updated: 2019-12-05 17:17:26



You can log in to the COS Console to enable log management for a bucket, which records various requests related to bucket operations. Log management facilitates buckets usage and management. For more information on log management, see Log Management Overview.

  • The log management feature is currently only available in four regions including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Toronto.
  • Currently, only the bucket owner has permission to set log management, and the Log Management configuration item will not be displayed to other users when they log in to the console.
  • The log data is delivered every 5 minutes. COS does not guarantee 100% accuracy of the log data. It is for reference only and is not used as a basis for measurement and billing.


  1. Log in to the COS Console, click Bucket List in the left sidebar, and click the source bucket that needs the log management enablement.
  2. Click Advanced Configuration on the left, find the Log Management configuration item, and click Edit to enter the editable state.
  3. Click Enable to the right of Status and click Save.
  4. Confirm that the feature is enabled. Select the destination bucket (i.e., the bucket that stores the logs), and set the key prefix for the log object (e.g., log/). After confirming that the entered information is correct, click Save. The configuration items are as described below:
    • Destination Bucket: the source bucket for which log management is enabled and the destination bucket that stores the logs must be in the same region. It is not recommended to use the source bucket itself as the destination bucket.
    • Target prefix: enter a custom path prefix that makes it easy for you to find the logs.


  1. To enable the log management feature, you need to create a log role in the CAM Console and grant it read/write permission to the logs of the source bucket.
  2. When the log management feature is disabled, if the role is not deleted, its read/write permission to the logs of the source bucket will not be revoked.