Common Response Header

Last updated: 2019-06-14 18:48:15



This document describes the common response headers returned when using APIs.

Response Headers

Header Name Description Type
Content-Length HTTP request content length defined in RFC 2616 (in bytes) String
Content-Type HTTP request content type defined in RFC 2616 (MIME) String
Connection Connection status between the client and the server.
Enumerated values: keep-alive and close
Date Time when the server responded, which is the GMT time defined in RFC 1123. String
Etag Etag (Entity Tag) is an information tag used to identify Object content upon the creation of the Object. The ETag may or may not be an MD5 value, which depends on different requests. The value of ETag can be used to check whether the content of the Object has changed. String
Server The name of the server that created the request. Default value: tencent-cos String
x-cos-request-id The ID generated automatically by the server when a request is sent. String
x-cos-trace-id The ID generated automatically by the server when an error occurs with the request. String