Enabling Custom Accelerated Domain Name

Last updated: 2020-10-27 16:24:27


    This document only describes how to add a custom acceleration domain name and enable CDN acceleration on the COS Console. For more information on how to add a custom domain name using the CDN Console, see Connecting Domain Names.

    A maximum of 10 custom domain names can be added on the COS Console.


    1. Log in to the COS Console. Click Bucket List on the left sidebar to open the Bucket List page.

    2. Click on the bucket for which to configure the domain name to enter the bucket configuration page.

    3. Select Domain and transmission management > Custom CDN Acceleration Domain, click Add domains to configure the following options. (If you have used "Custom Domain Name" in a previous version of the COS console, the new version will still display "Custom Domain Name" instead of “Custom CDN Acceleration Domain”.)

    Domain: Enter the custom domain name to be bound (e.g. www.example.com). Ensure that the domain name in Mainland China has obtained ICP filing, and a corresponding CNAME has been configured for the domain name with the DNS service provider. For more information, please see CNAME Configuration.
    Acceleration Region: supports CDN acceleration for Mainland China, Hong Kong, China, and overseas regions, and global acceleration for buckets across all regions.
    Origin Server Type: You can select “Default origin server” or “Static website origin server”. Select the first option unless your bucket has enabled Static Website. If you want to use your custom acceleration domain name as static website, select “Static website origin server” here and enable Static Website on your bucket.
    Authentication: Enable origin-pull authentication. For private-read buckets, enable Origin-pull Authentication to protect the origin server.

    For private-read buckets, if both origin-pull authentication and CDN service authorization are enabled, then signature is not required for accessing the origin server via CDN, and cached resources in CDN will be distributed on the public network, which will affect the data security. Therefore, it is recommended to enable CDN authentication (Step 5).

    1. After the configuration, click Save on the operation column on the right to add the domain name. After it is saved, the Enable button for CDN authentication appears in the Authentication column. You can click the button to enable the CDN authentication for custom domain name.
      CDN Authentication: timestamp authentication can be configured to prevent stealing by malicious users. You can enable the feature after adding the domain name.
    2. Log in to CDN Console. In the left sidebar, click Domain Management.
    3. Locate the domain name you need to configure, click Management under Actions on the right to open the domain management page, and then click Security Configuration at the top. For more information, see Authentication Configuration.

    After CDN acceleration is enabled for a domain name, anyone can directly access the origin server via the domain name. Therefore, if you need to keep your data private, be sure to protect your data in the origin server through Authentication Configuration.