Last updated: 2020-03-06 17:05:24

    Stable and lasting

    Tencent Cloud and Cloud Object Storage provide redundant storage of data across multiple architectures and multiple Device, provide remote Disaster recovery and resource isolation for user data, achieve data persistence of up to 99.999999999% for each object, and ensure that the durability of your data is higher than that of other storage architectures.

    Security and Reliability

    COS provides Hotlink protection Prevent hotlinking function to shield Access from malicious sources, supports SSL encrypted data transmission, and controls the reading and writing of each individual file, Permission. Combined with Tencent's attack defense system, it can effectively resist DDoS attacks and CC attacks, and ensure the normal operation of your business.

    Cost optimization

    With COS, you do not need to purchase, deploy and OPS traditional hardware, thus saving OPS's work and hosting costs. COS supports on-demand use of on demand. You do not need to pay any reserved storage space in advance for cost to cool the data through lifecycle management to further reduce costs.

    Easy to Use

    COS provides graphical programs, command line tools, Protocol tools and other ways to operate storage objects in batches, making it easier to use. COS also provides tools that can mount Bucket locally, allowing you to directly manipulate Tencent Cloud and Cloud Object Storage as if you were using a local file system.

    Convenient access

    COS provides a wealth of SDK access tools, simple and reliable, and detailed RESTful API access guidelines can help you easily transfer data through Internet. COS provides seamless migration tools to enable your business to go to the cloud quickly, eliminating high migration costs and access costs.

    Service integration

    COS supports linkage with other Tencent Cloud products, including CDN acceleration, data Vientiane image processing, audio and video transcoding, file preview and other components, providing "storage + processing" integrated solution. In addition, COS can be used as a data pool for big data's calculation to provide data sources for big data's analysis and calculation; it can also be combined with SCF service to realize event notification and automatic processing.

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