Image Processing Overview

Last updated: 2021-01-27 14:50:32


    Tencent Cloud COS has integrated the professional All-in-One media solutions of Cloud Infinite, covering image processing, moderation, recognition, and many more. See the table below for details. You can process your media data with the Upload and Process APIs in COS.


    • This image processing feature is only supported for Public Cloud regions.
    • Image processing is a paid service, the fees of which are charged by Cloud Infinite. For detailed billing instructions, see Cloud Infinite’s Billing and Pricing.
    Service Feature Description
    Image Processing-Basic Services Scaling Proportional scaling, scaling image to target width and height, and more
    Cropping Cut (regular cropping), crop (scaling and cropping), iradius (inscribed circle cropping), and scrop (smart cropping)
    Rotation Adaptive rotation and common rotation
    Format conversion Format conversion, GIF optimization, and progressive display
    Changing quality Changes the quality of images in JPG and WEBP formats
    Gaussian blur Blurs images
    Sharpening Sharpens images
    Watermarking Adds image or text watermarks
    Obtaining image information Gets the basic information, EXIF data, and average hue of an image
    Removing metadata Including EXIF data
    Quick thumbnail template Performs quick format conversion, scaling, and cropping to generate thumbnails
    Setting Alarms Sets image styles to easily manage images for different purposes


    Using the COS Console

    You can set image processing in the COS Console. For more information, please see Enabling Image Processing.

    Using REST API

    You can configure image processing through the API provided in COS.