Pipeline Operator

Last updated: 2021-05-20 17:23:46


    COS uses the pipeline operator | in Tencent Cloud CI to perform multiple types of processing on images in a sequence. You can use the pipeline operator to separate multiple processing parameters so that different types of processing can be performed on an image in a single access. Currently, supported images are smaller than 20 MB in size and smaller than 9,999 pixels in length and width.


    Image processing is a paid service, the fees of which are charged by Cloud Infinite. For detailed billing instructions, see Cloud Infinite’s Billing and Pricing.

    API Form

    Following an image URL, the style separator ? is used to connect processing styles that are separated with the pipeline operator | and executed in a sequence. Currently, up to ten layers of pipelines are supported.


    Th example below shows you how to scale an image by 50%, and then add to it the text watermark “Cloud Infinite” in the lower-right corner.

    Assume that the URL of the image is


    The original image:


    First, scale down the image using this URL:


    The resulting image:

    Adding a watermark

    Use a pipeline operator to add the text watermark as processing style, and the final URL will be like:


    The final image: