Setting Access Permission

Last updated: 2019-09-23 16:15:17


    You can set or modify bucket access permissions using the COS Console or APIs. COS supports two permission types:

    • Public Permissions: Private Read/Write, Public Read/Private Write, and Public Read/Write. For more information, see Type of Access in the "Bucket Overview".
    • User Permissions: The root account has all the permissions (full control) for buckets by default. In addition, you can add sub-accounts that are granted permissions to read/write data and read/write permissions, and even full access to buckets.

    You can modify the access permissions for a bucket in Permission Management.


    1. Log in to the COS Console. On the left sidebar, click Bucket List to open the Bucket List page.
    2. Locate the bucket for which you want to set or modify access permissions, and then click the bucket name.
    3. In the Bucket Configuration page, click Permission Management to set Public Permissions and User Permissions for the bucket (for example, add a sub-account).
    4. Click Save to apply the access permissions.

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