Regions and Access Domain Names

Last updated: 2019-09-25 17:52:02



Tencent Cloud COS supports multi-region storage, and the default access domain name varies by region. The region selected when a bucket is created cannot be modified. It is recommended to select the nearest region for storage based on your own business needs for faster object upload and download.

  • After a bucket is created, a corresponding default domain name will be generated. You can view it in Domain Name Management of the bucket in the COS Console.
  • BucketName is the name you define when you create a bucket. For more information, see Bucket Naming Convention.
  • APPID is the account number assigned to you after you register in Tencent Cloud. It is a unique number which cannot be modified. You can view it in Account Information in the Tencent Cloud Console.
  • Finance regions cannot interconnect with other public cloud regions.

Mainland China

Region Abbreviation Default Domain Name (Upload/Download/Management)
Mainland China Public cloud regions Beijing Zone 1 (sold out) ap-beijing-1 <BucketName-APPID>
Beijing ap-beijing <BucketName-APPID>
Shanghai (East China) ap-shanghai <BucketName-APPID>
Guangzhou (South China) ap-guangzhou <BucketName-APPID>
Chengdu (Southwest China) ap-chengdu <BucketName-APPID>
Chongqing ap-chongqing <BucketName-APPID>
Finance cloud regions Shenzhen Finance ap-shenzhen-fsi <BucketName-APPID>
Shanghai Finance ap-shanghai-fsi <BucketName-APPID>
Beijing Finance ap-beijing-fsi <BucketName-APPID>

Outside Mainland China

Region Abbreviation Default Domain Name (Upload/Download/Management)
Asia Pacific Public cloud regions Hong Kong (China) ap-hongkong <BucketName-APPID>
Singapore ap-singapore <BucketName-APPID>
Mumbai ap-mumbai <BucketName-APPID>
Seoul ap-seoul <BucketName-APPID>
Bangkok ap-bangkok <BucketName-APPID>
Tokyo ap-tokyo <BucketName-APPID>
North America Silicon Valley na-siliconvalley <BucketName-APPID>
Virginia na-ashburn <BucketName-APPID>
Toronto na-toronto <BucketName-APPID>
Europe Frankfurt eu-frankfurt <BucketName-APPID>
Moscow eu-moscow <BucketName-APPID>

If you create a bucket named “examplebucket” in the Guangzhou region and your APPID is 1250000000, then the default domain name of the bucket is:

Private Network and Public Network Access

With intelligent domain name resolution for COS access domain names, your requests to access COS can be routed through the optimal link in case of cross-ISP access.

If you deploy a service in Tencent Cloud to access COS, intra-region access requests will be automatically directed to a private network address. Currently cross-region requests do not support private network access and will be resolved to a public network address by default.

For more information on private network and public network access, see Overview of Request Creation.