Tool Overview

Last updated: 2019-11-29 16:47:35


COS provides developers with the following tools:

Tool Features
COS Browser Tool This tool makes it easy for users to perform data upload/download and other operations in a visualized manner.
COSCMD Tool This tool allows users to perform operations such as batch upload/download/deletion of objects by using simple command line instructions.
COS Migration Tool This tool is used to migrate data from multiple source data addresses (such as local server, and other cloud storage services) to COS.
FTP Server Tool This tool is used to upload/download files to/from COS via FTP server.
COSFS Tool In Linux, this tool is used to mount buckets to a local file system and operate objects in COS via the local file system.
Hadoop Tool This tool allows users to process objects in COS using Hadoop, such as MapReduce and HiveCOS.
HDFS TO COS Tool This tool is used to copy the data on HDFS to COS.

If you have other tool requirements, please submit your tool requirements to here and we will evaluate your needs in time, thank you!