Tool Overview

Last updated: 2021-01-25 15:18:42
Tool Description
COSBrowser Provides a visualized UI for users to easily upload/download data, generate access URL, and perform other operations.
COSCMD Enables users to perform operations (such as upload, download, and delete) in batches with simple commands.
COS Migration Migrates data from multiple data sources (such as data stored on on-premises servers and other cloud storage services) to COS.
FTP Server Uploads data to and downloads data from COS with the FTP client.
COSFS Mounts a bucket to the local file system for Linux OS scenarios. In this way, you can operate COS objects through the local file system.
Hadoop Integrates COS support for big data processing frameworks, such as Hadoop, Spark, and Tez, to read COS data easily.
COSDistCp Implements data copy between HDFS and COS. It is a distributed copy tool based on the MapReduce framework.
Hadoop-cos-DistChecker Verifies the directory integrity after you use the hadoop distcp command to migrate data from HDFS to COS.
HDFS TO COS Copies data from HDFS to COS.
Online auxiliary tools Web-based COS tools, including COS signing tool and COS request tool.